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There's way too much to type.


Whoa! That was random.

I was having one of my random thoughts again...then I read through this blog of mine and realized it can't get anymore random than it already is.
Soooooo, I was by this nice place the other day. There was this nice stream that was flowing by and I was just thinking, life must be feeling really good as a rock in a stream. With all that sparkling water all around you...what would be better is being that rock in that stream while having State of emergency by Björk constantly playing in your ears. heh heh yeah, I will stop now.

I have a deadline on friday. Unpleasant week :/


Why I wouldn't want to leave this place.

That sunrise, that sunset. That area of glowing crimson over the sea. Those crimson spears making holes in the already tattered clouds. Streaks of stray threads of clouds blowing in the sky. The sand by the sea glinting, only temporarily made beautiful by the sunrise/sunset. Borrowed beauty.
A hut made of wood stands by the ocean, by a tree. An object created by man so small, so unworthy of the ocean, a most imperfect creation, stands so defiantly with pride in its faults, against the vast ocean.
Without the ugly, you cannot appreciate the beautiful. Imperfection is beauty without limits.

Seeing dim yellow street lights whizz by while you're in the car which is dark inside, except for the dashboard. The yellow only hits your face below your eyes because the portion above that is shadowed by the car roof. The air conditioner maybe on or off, you don't care. It doesn't matter. You don't feel. What exists in this space and time, is you and what is ahead of you...no, not the road, the journey.

You are walking and you look down only for a moment but in that moment, you spend an eternity. In that moment, you live your life. In that moment, everyting is clear. Your goals, your wishes, your thoughts, your hopes, your plans, your allegiances, your beliefs.
Nothing else exists in that moment. You are a soul in the universe, trapped in a body among other souls trapped in other bodies. There is more to achieve than what this vessel has the potential to. This is our test.
If you look at your hand hard enough, you don't see your hand. You see the vessel you are in. You are your mind.

wow...that was a trip.
Some of the above mentioned are reasons I wouldn't want to leave this country. But, in my line of work, Sri Lanka isn't the best place so I have no choice but to migrate one day. Maybe when I'm older and I'm a billionnaire ;), I can come to Sri Lanka and live by the sea, on the coast. A Tsunami can take me away if it wants, I just want to live by the sea...of course my private jet would be close by, just in case I feel like I need a temporary change ;)


Google and Clusty

Google is biiiiiig.
Google is so big that the only way to balance a basketball game where Google is on one side, is to have Big Mama on the other.
In a couple of years, phone books will morph into electronic devices just so that they can use a Google Search Bar within the phonebook.
Within the next year, the Amish will start using the word google as a part of their vocabulary.
Heck, this site is run by Google!

But, Grasshopper, is your Clusty Kung-Fu strong?

Frankly, I prefer searching using Clusty.
Clusty is a clustering engine, actually.

I'll let the guys over at Clusty do the talking:
The specially-developed Vivísimo clustering algorithm puts search results together (clusters them) based on textual and linguistic similarity. This raw similarity is augmented with heuristics (i.e., human knowledge)

And this is what a search for the word tsunami showed. (check out the categorized links on the left)

Clusty used to be Vivisimo a while back. I used to visit that site a lot...but they have a new image now and a name that's a lot easier to remember.
TNL Radio (good radio station, though, they mostly play rock) once had this show (Haze was the DJ if I'm not mistaken) where they were discussing Search Engines. Being the true geek that I am, I called them up and Haze put me on air and I did mention Vivisimo (Clusty was still being created at the time) while using web-savy terms to describe things just so that I could scare anyone listening (aren't we supposed to do that?)

Well, anyway, I would consider using Clusty more often, for research, if I was you :)

Clusty logo

The Towel: A tool used to expose the workings of the mind

I believe you can tell a lot about the way a persons mind works by the way they dry their body after a shower.

I mean...think about it, it's almost a subconscious act...you come out of the shower thinking you want to get dry, so, you take the towel and start wiping. This is where it gets interesting; different people have different approaches to drying themselves.

I can think of three types...

  1. The methodical ones who dry part by part ("first I will dry my hair, followed by the ears - nicely, behind them and inside, then face, now under my chin blah blah blah")
  2. The random ones ("er there's some water here, let's wipe there first...")
  3. The I don't care type ("wipe here, wipe there, and there....wait, I'm dry enough already")
There probably are a million more!
Now, I just can't wait to get older and maybe become a scientist who studies this sort of thing...Peta Wilson would be someone I would consider observing for this experiment.
Bane Smiley