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Function naming convention

If you work with functions, then, this is for you!

Consider this case:

Your name is P.H.P. McCoder and you work as a web scripter in the year 2004 and your web scripting language of choice is PHP4.
Here's a snippet of a class that you wrote for project-X

class Koobi
function Koobi($parameter)

function clone($value)
return $this->doClone($value);

It works fine with PHP4.

It's now the year 2005. Your host decides to upgrade to PHP5 and (this is all hypothetical) PHP5 has a new function added to it. And guess what? The new function is named clone().
What happens when your class method is called? You recieve parse errors!

The people over at PEAR have a nice suggestion for a naming convention for functions.
I suggest you take a look, otherwise, like me, your users might end up using the "search and replace" function.



Everybody wants to make more money (ok, so most people do). If you're a person who manufactures and sells a product, you're always looking to make a higher profit so you try and get as much as you can from a customer. You make more demands even though they maybe unreasonable because you want the maximum marginal utility, customer complies and so there's an uneven balance. There's more getting than giving and that's not good because everything has to be in balance or things wont remain as they are, they become unpredictable.
Maybe that's why the human mind came up with Opensource software. Since that is on the other extreme of the spectrum (i.e. it's free under certain conditions), it probably brings the imbalance back to normal again.
And most opensource projcets are done out of passion for the tools used to create that product (eg: PHP, ASP, etc) or as a labour of love....so an act that's a labour of love can bring balance to this messed up equilibrium?

On the other end it's that desire for more that makes us think of ways to get the maximum we can out of clients.

So, desire for more leads to demanding more of a client which messes up the equilibirum...so what if we just control these desires? Even if we want more success and money, we don't accumulate so much. We donate to charity or something that could really use it instead of wanting more and going past the saturation point.

So it's our own desire to succeed that leads us to disturb the balance which makes us have to work harder so we can reset the balance once again and that leads to the mess we live in today, this insanity.

Things must have been really laid back and peaceful about a century ago.

Thaaaaaat's what you get if you're looking out the bus window for over an hour while on a long journey.